Xymon's monitoring can be customized through external scripts. Below is a list of available monitors. If you have created a monitor which you want to share with the Xymon community, please create an account and add it below. Please always give info about Author, compatibility and the last update date.

:!: Users: If you have questions or feedback, please use the monitors' sites or contact the authors directly or use the general Xymon mailing lists.

:!: It may not be obvious but the table below is sortable…just click on the header you want to sort on.

Monitor Description Author Last Update Storage drives monitoring through SMART
Monitors your drives (HDD & SSD) using S.M.A.R.T., checking health report and errors
Damien Martins 2023-12-06
ntpq ntpq
Hobbit/Xymon ntpq with Chrony and Timedatectl compatibility (based on other ntpq script)
Bonomani 2023-09-08 BTRFS filesystems monitoring
Monitors BTRFS filesystems and devices
Damien Martins 2022-12-11
updates.ps1 Windows updates
Manage your Windows updates (based on Kris Springer script)
Bonomani 2022-10-26 Monitor Temp, Battery and Power for APC UPS
Can monitor key features of APC UPS to determine PowerFailures and Room Temperatures.
fletch2k 2018-02-16 xymon-remoteconns
Test network connections from the XYmon client to remote servers.
Hermann Lang 2017-11-01 chk_mounts
Are known FSs mounted? Are mounted FSs known?
Allan Cano 2015-02-18 chk_oracle
Oracle plugin for xymon. Branch of xym-oracle for AIX
Allan Cano 2015-02-18 xym-oracle
Oracle plugin for xymon
Javier Blanco 2012-04-25 bb-mdstat
Reimplementation of deadcat's - Linux software RAID monitoring
Damien Martins 2010-01-15 xymon-duplicity
Monitoring script for Duplicity backups
Damien Martins 2020-05-17 xymon-freebox_v5
Monitoring script for French ISP Free modem (aka Freebox) - Valid for Freebox v5/Crystal
Damien Martins 2020-05-16 xymon-freebox_v6
Monitoring script for French ISP Free modem (aka Freebox) - Valid for Freebox Delta v7, Revolution v6 & Server Mini 4k
Damien Martins 2020-05-16 bb-mysql
Reimplementation of deadcat's mysql compatible with ncv
Charles Goyard 2006-11-22 bb-prtdiag
Sun Enterprise Server check
Tom Moore 2009-06-10
xymon-prtdiag.ksh xymon-prtdiag
Sun Enterprise Server check
Roland Soderstrom 2011-10-18 bbsmokeping
Walks the FPing targets from your existing Smokeping installation
Nathan Hand 2007-01-02 bb-swap
Graph and monitor free swap space
Galen Johnson 2007-09-30
BBdcdiags.vbs BBdcdiags.vbs
A script to run dcdiags and netdiags (basic windows AD tests) on Windows 2003 Server
Graeme Shea 2008-08-26 Boinc
Boinc monitoring script
Andrew Rankin 2007-09-26 Cpu2
System information script
Butch Deal 2009-06-02
check-client check-client
check-client is a Xymon extension to monitor incoming client channel data from hobbitd
David Baldwin 2010-07-29
checkmysap checkmysap
checkmySAP is a Xymon extension to monitor remote SAP services
L.M.J 2008-06-10
checkwwin checkwin
checkwin is a Xymon script to pull data from a Windows machine
Bacaselo 2012-10-05 Clearcase License Monitor
Clearcase License client module for Xymon Monitor
Michael Nemeth 2008-06-30 Dell Warranty
Dell Server Warranty check
Butch Deal 2009-06-02 dhcp
DHCP server monitor
Eric Meddaugh 2006-11-26 FlexLM Monitor
flexlm client module for Xymon Monitor
Anna Jonna Armannsdottir 2008-06-20 FLEXlm monitor
flexlm client module for Xymon Monitor
Wim Nelis 2010-05-31
forefront.vbs Forefront Security for Exchange 2007
Reimplementation of BBAntigen-v8 from
David Gilmore 2007-07-12 hobbit-nis
NIS server monitor
Gildas Le Nadan 2006-11-28 xymon-hardware
A script to monitor HDD and other hardware sensors
Damien Martins 2013-06-27 System Messaging
Addon to enable configurable messages to alert within Xymon
Stuart Carmichael 2009-12-16 hobbit-samba
A script to monitor samba servers/shares
Damien Martins 2014-02-23
hphwraid hphwraid
hphwraid is a Xymon extension to monitor hardware raid on HP Proliant servers
L.M.J 2008-06-14
CheckHpRaid.cmd CheckHpRaid.cmd
CheckHpRaid is a Xymon extension to monitor hardware raid on HP Proliant servers under Windows 200x. It autodects the amount of HP RAID Controllers, the amount of logical volume and the amount of plugged hard drive. Status is coming red if at least one disk or logical volume is down or rebuilding. Detail of the status is send (each controller, each disk and each volume) (based on hphwraid from L.M.J)
A. Liechti 2011-04-19
CheckPower.cmd CheckPower.cmd
CheckPower is a Xymon extension to monitor the power using an APC UPS with a network card or with an APC Powerchute Business Edition software installed on a computer with SNMP features enabled and linked with the UPS using a data cable.
A. Liechti 2011-04-19
CheckTemperature.cmd CheckTemperature.cmd
CheckTemperature is a Xymon extension to check the temperature of an area using an APC UPS with a network card or with an APC Powerchute Business Edition software installed on a computer with SNMP features enabled and linked with the UPS using a data cable. Temperature graphs are also provided automatically! More information available like UPS model, manufacture date, etc.
A. Liechti 2011-04-19 asterisk-iax2
Asterisk IAX2 Check
Eric Meddaugh 2008-09-11 lsf_mon
Monitor Platform LSF
Gildas Le Nadan 2007-04-08 lsf_queues
Monitor Platform LSF queues
Gildas Le Nadan 2007-04-08
lsmon.vbs lsmon
Tracks licenses in use for each Sentinel RMS feature
Richard Finegold 2010-04-28 Xen Monitor
Monitor Xen containers
Andrew Rankin 2007-09-25 mpstat
Solaris mpstat monitor
Eric Meddaugh 2007-02-11
netbackup netbackup
Netbackup Xymon agent
Gianluca Rossi 2007-02-15
nlbping nlbping
Monitor accessibility of members of a Windows Network Load Balancing cluster
Wim Nelis 2009-05-21 postfix
Reimplementation of deadcat's - Postfix mail queue monitoring
Damien Martins 2010-04-15
printer.vbs printer
A script to monitor Windows Print Server
Michael Fisher 2009-04-09 radius
Radius server monitor
Eric Meddaugh 2006-11-26 sentinel
Track licenses in use for each SafeNet Sentinel Protection Server key
Richard Finegold 2010-02-25 asterisk-sip
Asterisk SIP Check
Eric Meddaugh 2008-09-11 SGE
SGE client queue check
Butch Deal 2009-06-02
systemcheck.vbs System Check
A script to monitor the hardware status of Dell servers running windows
Craig Boyce 2007-08-06
smartmon smartmon
S.M.A.R.T. monitoring
Michael Adelmann 2011-10-06 S.M.A.R.T. monitoring
supports multi-disk, sends data for graphing
Jeremy Laidman 2012-08-30
nfs NFS monitoring Michael Adelmann 2012-01-03 termuser
Track users on a terminal server.
Galen Johnson 2007-06-30
Website content and transaction monitoring beyond the features provided in a stock Xymon install.
Gary Baluha 2008-04-30
uptime.vbs Windows uptime
Monitor when a client exceeds a specified number of days without a restart.
Craig Boyce 2007-07-16
winupd.vbs Windows Update Check
Monitor when a windows client has a pending reboot required to complete system updates
Padraig Lennon 2009-06-26 zonestat
Solaris zone monitor
Eric Meddaugh 2006-11-26
winUpdates.vbs Windows Update Monitoring
Full Windows Update monitoring on clients.
Gerry Brunelle 2009-07-30
Stornext Library Tape Monitor and graphing tool.
Jerald Sheets 2010-01-25
jmxxymon JMX Monitoring
Monitoring via JMX
Peter Broadbery 2010-03-14 Monitoring ntp
monitoring of ntpd status and clock diff
Alex.B 2010-04-17
Another rootlogin script
Alex.B 2010-06-22 Graphing mail trends
Read mail.log and graphing mail statistics trends
Alex.B 2010-05-06
Monitoring and graphing iptables conntrack table
Alex.B 2010-05-12
bbsql-server.vbs bbsql-server
Reimplementation of deadcat's bbsql-server.vbs script adapted for SQL Server 7/2000/2005/2008 on 32 or 64 bit architecture
Bart Gillis 2010-03-25 ControlByWeb Temperature Module Monitor
Xymon server-side external bash shell script to monitor and graph 1-4 temperature sensors from a ControlByWeb 4-temp/2-relay temperature module. Also works with their X-300 8-temp/3-relay thermostat module.
Bill Arlofski Reverse Polarity LLC 2010-04-07 ControlByWeb Module Relay Control Script
Bash shell script to be used as a Xymon alert SCRIPT to control relays on ControlByWeb's 4-temp/2-relay temperature module. Also works with their X-300 8-temp/3-relay thermostat module and their other “relay-only” modules.
Bill Arlofski Reverse Polarity LLC 2010-06-22 Bacula Backup Server Monitor
Xymon client-side external bash shell script to monitor a Bacula backup server. Reports back a list of recently failed jobs as well as any jobs requiring operator intervention.
Bill Arlofski Reverse Polarity LLC 2010-06-04
xymon_nut_*.sh Network UPS Tools (NUT) UPS monitors
A collection of Xymon external bash shell scripts to monitor, graph and alert on AC input voltage, AC output voltage, battery charge %, battery voltage and UPS load % of UPSes connected to a NUT UPS monitoring server.
Bill Arlofski Reverse Polarity LLC 2010-07-13
xymon_m0n0CFG.rb m0n0wall Firewall Monitor
A Ruby script to poll m0n0wall firewalls and report back the m0n0wall's Version, Platform, Uptime, Last Config Change, and Notes fields to a Xymon Monitoring Server. Will signal a yellow alert for a m0n0wall that has been UP for less than 24 hours or when a m0n0wall has its configuration changed.
Bill Arlofski Reverse Polarity LLC 2010-07-30
quantumsuperloader Quantum Superloader3 Tape Library Monitor
A bash shell script to poll Quantum Superloader3 Tape Libraries and report back to a Xymon Monitoring Server the library's system information including: autoloader & drive's date, status, serial numbers, firmware versions etc. Can be set to report barcodes and slot locations of all the tapes in the library, and will signal a yellow alerts for tape load errors etc.
Bill Arlofski Reverse Polarity LLC 2010-09-06 Asterisk DAHDI Analog Channel Monitor
A bash shell script to monitor DAHDI Analog FXS/FXO cards in an Asterisk VoIP phone system
Bill Arlofski Reverse Polarity LLC 2013-06-01 Monitor Samba users, shares, connections, and open files
A bash shell script to monitor user, shares, connections and open files
Bill Arlofski Reverse Polarity LLC 2014-11-11 Juniper RAS monitor
Monitor number of web users and cluster state of a Juniper RAS cluster
Wim Nelis 2010-06-09
memstat.ksh Solaris Memory allocation
Monitor what is using memory on Solaris
Vernon Everett 2014-11-06
bb-zfs.ksh ZFS and Snapshot monitor
Monitor ZFS Zpools and Snapshots
Vernon Everett 2011-05-14
zones.ksh Simple Zone Monitor
No alerts, just an information only view of what zones are running on the host
Vernon Everett 2010-06-10
zonemem.ksh Solaris Zone Memory Utilisation
Monitor what zone is using memory on Solaris, and how close to capacity they are - with alerts and graphs.
Vernon Everett 2013-08-02
bb-zfs.ksh ZFS and Snapshot monitor
Monitor ZFS Zpools and Snapshots
Vernon Everett 2011-05-14
ldom.ksh Simple LDom Monitor
No alerts, just an LDom summary, similar to what you get from an ldm ls, now with graphing goodness.
Vernon Everett 2015-01-19
mssqlperfpack.vbs Microsoft SQL Server Performance Counter Pack
This VBS script will monitor some of the SQL Server performance counters. It is usefull for DBA's to keep track of their performance baseline and can help in resolving performance issues.
Neil Franken 2010-06-18
aspapplicationperfmon.vbs ASP.NET Application Peformance Counter Pack
This VBS Script will monitor some performance counters related to a specific application on a IIS Server.
Neil Franken 2010-06-21
aspnethealth.vbs ASP.NET Overall Health Performance Counters
A small script to give you a overview of the ASP.NET Health of a entire server.
Neil Franken 2010-06-22
6540.ksh Sun 6540 Storage
Monitor what's happening in a 6540 - some alerts, some informative
Vernon Everett 2010-09-08 XymonExt server/client test perl library
Perl module to provide some useful functions when writing a test in perl
David Baldwin 2010-07-29 Solaris 10 SMF service monitor
Allows you to monitor services that run under the Solaris 10 SMF model
Martin Ward 2010-07-29
smf2.ksh Solaris 10 SMF service monitor Ver. 2
Allows you to monitor services that run under the Solaris 10 SMF model
Vernon Everett 2010-08-03
hba.ksh Solaris HBA monitor
Allows you to monitor HBA status, multipathing and see what devices are mapped
Vernon Everett 2010-08-11
diskstat.ksh Solaris iostat disk monitor
Graphs of Solaris iostat for all disk devices. Show up in trends.
Vernon Everett 2010-09-21
db_cpu.ksh Solaris Oracle CPU usage monitor
How much of the CPU is a database using?
Vernon Everett 2014-02-27 SSL Certificate CN match monitor
Checks that the common name in an sslcert reported from an SSL test matches the name we tried to access it with
Japheth Cleaver 2015-11-09 Windows Event log checker
Checks windows event logs forwarded with SNARE to central syslog server
David Baldwin 2010-08-17
Xymon::Monitor::Informix Xymon::Monitor::Informix
Monitor Availablility of Informix Instances. Best Installed using cpan.
David Peters 2010-08-25
jmxstat.tcl JMX Monitoring
Monitoring via JMX
Andy Smith 2017-11-17 Break out msgs into multiple columns for various log files Andy Smith 2014-08-29 xymon-teamspeak3
A script to monitor Teamspeak 3 server on Linux
Damien Martins 2011-03-25 gmirror
Monitor FreeBSD gmirror disks (geom based RAID-1)
Brian Scott 2011-08-12 gstripe
Monitor FreeBSD gstripe disks (geom based RAID-0)
Brian Scott 2011-08-12
CassandraDB Monitor cassandra
Monitor Cassandra DB statistics per node (Reds, Writes, Latency, and Pending Tasks)
Thomas Vachon
session M, Inc.
2011-08-16 xymon-murmur
Mumble server (aka Murmur) monitoring
Damien Martins 2011-09-19 Xymon Monitor for Vmware ESXi
Monitor ESX/ESXi from Xymon server using VIPerl toolkit
Gudmo Svenni 2012-02-20 Linux iostat disk monitor
Monitor disk I/O performance on a Linux system
Wim Nelis 2012-04-02
usb.vbs USB device presence checker
Monitor what USB devices are present, ensure none missing
Richard Finegold 2012-05-03
listprn.vbs List printers
Monitor printers, print jobs, printer ports on a Windows server
Richard Finegold 2012-05-03 Remote Client script for Xymon
xymon-rclient is an extension for Xymon that implements a remote client that requires no software to be installed on the remote system. It was invented to allow execution via remote shell type packages such as rsh, rexec, rlogin and ssh.
Jeremy Laidman 2012-08-06 Process memory usage alerter
xymon-procmem is an extension for Xymon that alerts on memory usage thresholds for a process.
Jeremy Laidman 2016-06-12 MySQL-Perf
Xymon script to verify mysql performance variables
LXTI 2012-12-13
Incubator Egg incubator monitor
Control and monitor an egg incubator 2013-01-18
Readynas Readynas monitor
Monitor a Netgear ReadyNAS 2013-01-29
FibreAlliance Monitor a SAN switch
This plugin checks sensors (psu, temperature, fans et al) and overall health of SAN switches that understand the Fibre Alliance MIB. 2013-01-29 Per-filesystem Checks
Reports separately on each filesystem, as distinct from the 'disk' test that reports on the state of all filesystems
Jeremy Laidman 2013-02-19
Qnap Monitor a SAN switch
Monitor a Qnap NAS. 2013-02-28 Cisco IP SLA
cisco ip sla monitoring for xymon
Peter Kok 2014-04-16 Retrieve DNS statistics
Retrieve DNS server statistics, both for a BIND server and for a Windows DNS server
Wim Nelis 2015-03-17 High-performance MySQL TCP checker
Test a MySQL connection a la xymonnet in a highly concurrent manner. Suitable for 1000x-30000x MySQL server installations on enterprise-scale multi-core systems
Japheth Cleaver 2015-10-16 Xymon Client CPU Load Calculator
Calculate a Xymon client's cpu load thresholds based off reported number of processors (Run on Xymon Server periodically with cron)
Bill Howe 2016-12-28 Xymon Cisco IP Flow monitor
Report the top talkers on cisco routers (Run on Xymon Server periodically)
Nicolas Barberis 2016-12-23 Show Redhat outstanding updates
Show a list of outstanding RedHat updates and their classification
Wim Nelis 2017-01-10 Monitor docker swarm containers
This Xymon monitor script provides a status monitor for your docker containers running in docker swarm mode (requires docker >= 1.12).
Niels Haedecke 2017-05-30 Monitor gitlab status
Simple checking of a gitlab instance status
Rich J 2017-07-18 Show temperatures of RPI3
Show the CPU and GPU temperature of a Raspberry Pi 3
Wim Nelis 2020-01-28 Scan Wordpress for Vulnerabilities
Simple WPScan server side script
Rich J 2017-10-11 Show outstanding patches for Raspbian
Show the outstanding patches for a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian, and update the cache as well
Wim Nelis 2020-01-28 xymon-apisec-gw
Written to custom alert on CA API GW IBDATA threshold. Extended to display output from many troubleshooting commands, stats and counters on one page.
Hap N 2020-06-09 Generic Xymon client script which receives it's measurements via MQTT
As distributed it contains a Xymon client to measure the throughput of the broker. However, it is meant to be extended with other clients / tests.
Wim Nelis 2020-11-07
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