Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions, please read it before asking questions on the board.

  1. I wish to contribute a monitor, what do I need to do?
    • Create an account for Xymonton.
    • Look at existing monitors for an idea of the content for each area (although they are generally self-explanatory). You can paste your code into the code block yourself or upload a file to one of the many free file hosters on the net (such as GitHub or Sourceforge) and link to it. Add the following to the main monitor page (modify the respective info):
      | [[monitors:mymonitor|mymonitor.sh]] | **My monitor** \\ short description | [[someuser@example.com|User Name]] | YYYY-MM-DD |
  2. I've created an account but I can't contribute my scripts. What do I do?
    • Send an email to solitaryr at gmail.com. By default, normal users can only subscribe to page updates and add pages under Monitors, Alerts, Reports, Add-ons and Tutorials.
  3. What are the exported variables in Xymon that I can use in my scripts?
    • These are contained in $XYMONSERVERDIR/etc/xymonserver.cfg for server side scripts and $XYMONCLIENTHOME/etc/xymonclient.cfg for clients.
  4. How do I extend/modify the command aliases (like bbdefs-local.sh)?
    • Edit $XYMONCLIENTHOME/etc/xymonclient.cfg
  5. Can I change/extend the menus available to Xymon?
    • Yes, just modify $XYMONSERVERDIR/www/menu/menu_items.js.
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