Author Allan Cano
Compatibility Xymon 4.3
Requirements Perl, Linux/AIX, ksh
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Last Update 2015-02-26

Are all the filesystems which are set to mount a boot mounted?
Are all the mounted filesystems recorded in /etc/fstab or /etc/filesystems?

Client side

  1. Copy the script and into the client ext directory.
  2. The file is a client side starting point for future monitors.
  3. You can simply run and if the hostname is in the servers file the script will update the clientlaunch.cfg file with the following:
    # The oracle client task
            ENVFILE /home/xymon/etc/xymonclient.cfg
            CMD /home/xymon/ext/
            LOGFILE /home/xymon/logs/chk_mounts.log
            INTERVAL 30m

Server side


There's a link to the extension at the top of the page!

None with this; however, in the default DF monitor for AIX I would recommend the following update to the file. Find the df command and replace with…

# The awk stuff is to make sure we don't get hung on NFS mount by only looking at local (jfs(2)?) file systems
# The sed stuff is to make sure lines are not split into two.
df -Im `/usr/sbin/lsfs -c | /usr/bin/awk -F: '{if( $3 ~ /jfs/ ){print $1}}'` | sed -e 's/ blocks/_blocks/' ...



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