Unconfigured Clients

Author Ralph Mitchell
Compatibility Xymon 4.2
Requirements bash, unix
Download None
Last Update 2012-04-14

I have a situation where we are kickstarting new servers with the xymon client included and also distributing xymon to existing servers that are currently not monitored. These clients show up in the Ghost Client page, but their report content is discarded. This script reads the Ghost Client list and creates an Unconfigured Clients page so that reports from previously unknown clients are captured without manual intervention.

Save the script somewhere (/usr/local/bin perhaps) and execute from cron on a regular basis. Alternatively, add an entry to xymon's tasks.cfg

Edit the “GHOSTBUSTERS” variable in the script to be a list of email addresses. This list receives an email any time new clients are added to the Unconfigured Clients page.

Add an include line to your hosts.cfg to pick up the ghosts host page:

 include /home/xymon/server/etc/hosts.d/ghosts

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# What: The Xymon ghost report is a list of systems that delivered reports
#       without being configured in the hosts.cfg file.  This script reads
#       the ghost list and generates a hosts.cfg file to contain them, so
#       that the various reports are readable/actionable almost immediately.
#       Email is also sent to the Xymon admin so that the ghost list may
#       be dispersed among the other hosts.cfg files as appropriate.
# When: 2011-11-03
# Blame: Ralph Mitchell
# who do we call?
# Somewhere to stash the list.
# This file needs to be included by /home/xymon/server/etc/hosts.cfg
# set up initial page content
if [ ! -f $GHOSTCFG ]; then 
  echo "# hosts that just showed up one day"  > $GHOSTCFG
  echo "#"                                   >> $GHOSTCFG
  echo "page ghosts Unconfigured Clients"    >> $GHOSTCFG
  echo "group-compress Ghost List"           >> $GHOSTCFG 
# count the current ghost list
ZOMBIES=`grep -c noconn $GHOSTCFG`
# anything in the ghost list?
GHOSTLIST=`/home/xymon/server/bin/xymon localhost ghostlist`
if [ -n "$GHOSTLIST" ]; then 
  # got something, make up a header for the new entries
  HEADER="# added: `date --rfc-3339=seconds`" 
  # process the ghostlist
  echo "$GHOSTLIST" | while read LINE
    # extract host name
    HOST=`echo $LINE | cut -f1 -d'|'` 
    # is this host already in the ghost list?
    if [ `grep -c "$HOST" $GHOSTCFG` -eq 0 ]; then 
      # not found, add it
      if [ -n "$HEADER" ]; then 
        # for first new host in this run, add the header
        echo "$HEADER" >> $GHOSTCFG
        # only want the header once per block
      # if it's in the DNS, we might as well use its proper IP
      DNS=`nslookup $HOST | grep -A 1 'Name:'`
      if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then 
        # found it, get the IP
        HOSTIP=`echo $DNS | cut -f4 -d' '` 
        # not in the DNS
      # the "noconn" option stops xymon from trying to ping the host
      echo "$HOSTIP        $HOST                # noconn" >> $GHOSTCFG 
  # did we add anything to the ghost file?
  COUNT=`grep -c noconn $GHOSTCFG`
  if [ $COUNT -gt 0 ]; then 
    # let someone know we need to re-process the ghost file
    grep noconn $GHOSTCFG | \ 
    mailx -s "Xymon Ghost list: $COUNT new members" $GHOSTBUSTERS
exit 0 
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