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 ^ Last Update | 2015-11-09 | ^ Last Update | 2015-11-09 |
-===== Description ===== +Antivirus-Norton Internet Security is a security software product from Symantec. Packed with features to protect your PC from all kinds of online threats and the main programs in this award-winning software are antivirus, anti-spyware,​ firewall and antispam protection. Download Norton antivirus from . 
- +[[|]] 
-Originating thread here:​2010/​06/​msg00148.html +Author:John Smith0, a creative person who puts his skills ​in Technical writing by making everything easier for readers to understand ​the complexity of any tech related issue. ​ Many popular e-magazines have released his articles. He has also been writing ​to people’s query related to technology like​setupMcAfee, Norton and many more. 
- +[[|]] | [[https://​|​activate]] | [[https://​​bitstamp-login/​| bitstamp login]]
-A small script that checks "​sslcert"​ tests and tries to verify that the common name ("​CN="​) ​in the resulting ssl certificate matches the URL that we tried to reach (eg, It reports the status under a new test name, "​sslname",​ or can optionally send a '​modify'​ message to alter the original "​sslcert"​ testWildcard certificates are taken into account, since we're matching using extended grep.+
 ===== Installation ===== ===== Installation =====
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